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SVD House, Gaibira

Seven members reside in SVD House, Gaibira. It is in the district of Sundargarh. The main functions of the members are to run the school and hostel for the tribal and non-tribal boys mainly from economically poor sections of the society. The main income is from the salary of the members teaching in the school… Read More »

Divya Jyoti, Sason

Divya Jyoti, Sason is a training centre for the students who intent to work for Society viz, eradication of poverty, illiteracy and dedicate themselves for services of humanity. Three members of the Society organize the centre and help the 17 inmates. The members organize coaching classes not only for the inmate students but also for… Read More »

St. Arnold’s Vikas Sanchar, Jharsuguda

One member of the Society organizes various programmes with the help of others in the campus and outside campus. The activities of the Centre are teaching students for improving their spoken English, providing Computer education to different candidates etc. Girls and boys are also given training of Dance and Music. Summer classes are conducted for… Read More »

Vidya Jyoti, Lungai

Four members and 64 students reside in SVD House, Lungai which is 15 kms away from Rourkela town. The members have no income of their own. The main income is from the dairy farm of the house and some yearly contribution from the students. The students stay there for three years. One year for orientation… Read More »

Ishopanti Ashram, Puri

Three members live in Ishopanti Ashram, Puri who take care of 50 lepers living in different leprosy Colony built by different charities.The lepers are given Free Medicines and food. The members take care of the free school run for children of leprosy affected families. The Ishopanti Ashram, Puri, is dedicated for various charitable activities specially… Read More »