SVD House, Gaibira

By | February 18, 2016

Seven members reside in SVD House, Gaibira. It is in the district of Sundargarh. The main functions of the members are to run the school and hostel for the tribal and non-tribal boys mainly from economically poor sections of the society.

The main income is from the salary of the members teaching in the school and very little from the garden. Though there are eight members, only two get government salary and two are paid privately.

The expenses of the 7 members from the salary of only four members is insufficient. Hence, the expenses of the members for nutrition, house maintenance, salary of the workers, health care and travel is met by the Society.

The members take care of two hostels also. The total number of the boarders are 383. The hostel is run by itself, from the collection of the hotel fee from the students. The members take care of studies of the students living in the hostel, guide them, take extra coaching classes free of cost. Since the students are poor and not able to pay the fees, members help them.